Omaha neighbors concerned with stability of retaining wall

The condition of a huge retaining wall worries neighbors and has the attention of Omaha city inspectors.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The condition of a huge retaining wall worries neighbors and has the attention of Omaha city inspectors.

When it’s time to mow his yard, Tony Armendariz worries his life might be cut short.

“I could be mowing the yard one day and all of a sudden the ground shifts and I could fall into a hole it’s like that’s kind of scary,” Tony said.

Tony’s property near 39th & Ernst borders land that backs up a 40-foot retaining wall, and the ground behind it gives him that sinking feeling.

”Up here the ground is falling inside of the hole, that’s behind the wall that you see.”

The property belongs to C & N Investments and its president says the wall may be ugly but it’s structurally sound. Though he’s working with an architect on plans for the wall.

“This has been someone else’s responsibility for over three years or longer, that’s how long it’s been this way. It’s time to be fixed,” Tony said.

But the LLC president says the adjacent property is 20 feet behind the wall, so any issues Tony is having he will have to address on his own.

Tony’s sister Nita Armendariz says the city should be on top of the potential danger.

“I think the city should force someone to address it and take care of it,” Nita said. “At least address it and see what the options are.”

Omaha’s assistant planning director says enforcement has an active case on the property with the wall and is encouraging the property owner to bring violations into compliance. Armendariz says they are not the only ones affected by the wall’s condition.

“Yep looks like someone has been living there,” Nita said. “Yes, leftover food and drink.”

Tony says he wants city inspectors, the property owner and any experts hired to take a good look up and over the retaining wall. They’ll see why he has growing safety concerns.

The city inspection report says the big timber retaining wall is structurally compromised and the support system is failing. The city says the wall must be inspected and approved by a certified engineer.

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