Omaha neighbors plan petition drive about violence in the area after deadly shooting

“The neighbors and the neighborhood is amazing, then bars opened and when the bars started opening it became a hot spot for parties after the bars closed.”
A shooting death in the area of 22nd & Lake early Sunday has neighbors talking.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:02 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Neighbors in the area of 22nd and Lake say they plan to start a petition drive to do something about the violence in their area.

Early Sunday morning people who live in that area had to deal with another multiple shooting and say that large crowds gathering after the bars close have been a problem for years.

On July 4 of last year, Omaha police body cam footage shows a chaotic scene. After hours about 3 a.m. near 24th and Grant, five people were shot, four were wounded, and one dead.

People who live in the neighborhood say after-hour crowds and loud noise is just about an every week thing.

“This is the second mass shooting and it’s in one area, so what does that say if this were in the Old Market, if this were out west it wouldn’t be tolerated. My question is why is it being tolerated here?” said Mary.

Mary has moved out of her old neighborhood near 24th and Lake and says nothing has changed since she moved away.

“The neighbors and the neighborhood is amazing, then bars opened and when the bars started opening it became a hot spot for parties after the bars closed.”

Robert Thompson says the area is still a hot spot. He saw cars all over his neighborhood when he got home from working his late shift job.

Neighbors say it was bound to happen because of crowds that gather after the bars close.

“And I’m getting here on my porch put my key in to go in, sit down, bam bam 10 rounds I count them and I look right at my watch, man 2:36 a.m. Twenty police came it was about six minutes later, police came come to find out three people were shot, three people,” said Thompson.

Omaha Police Captain Jay Leavitt says they do have officers patrolling the area but there are a lot of empty lots where people congregate after hours and there’s a lot going on in that area.

“We had extra officers on overtime due to a couple of other events that we were made aware of in previous places we had issues with. We had extra officers out and about and patrolling those areas and just unfortunately we can’t be everywhere all at once,” said Leavitt.

Police say neighbors need to call, maybe more often, to alert them to the problem areas.

“We haven’t received 911 calls, there haven’t been noise disturbances if anybody was gathered it wasn’t enough to concern the neighbors in order to call us. I mean there’s crowds at all kinds of businesses throughout the city and we just can’t assume there’s going to be an incident of violence just because people are gathered,” said Leavitt.

But neighbors who have to deal with this just want it all to stop.

“All I know is every weekend it’s always packed,” said Thompson.

So far police have no suspects in that early Sunday morning shooting.

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