Optimistic Huskers open preseason practice

From the outset, the Huskers say they have strong leadership.
The first official day of preseason practice brings fresh optimism.
Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 10:43 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - One day after the Huskers greeted fans at Fan Day and Scott Frost doubled up at Big Ten Media Day, Nebraska football held their first official preseason practice in a session closed to the media.

From the outset, the Huskers say they have strong leadership.

”I didn’t come off too vocally in the beginning of the spring, just because that’s what I was used to because I had older guys in the room,” junior defensive back Quinton Newsome said at Media Day. “Now one year later I’m the oldest guy in the room so it’s something that I embrace, it’s something that I couldn’t shy away from because I know that’s what the team needs of me.”

”Travis (Vokolek) has done a good job, (Quinton) has done a good job, Garrett Nelson’s probably the best leader we’ve had at Nebraska in a long time,” head coach Scott Frost said. “So they’re doing a good job managing the team and policing things downstairs, and that accountability matters. There’s one standard and we gotta continue to meet that standard and the players know that.”

Their optimism rests on getting things off on the right foot, now during workouts and next month when they answer the call against Northwestern in the opener in Dublin, Ireland.

They trounced the Wildcats a year ago, but 2022 is all about new, first impressions, starting in the land of four-leaf clovers and shillelaghs.

“You know the first game is so important and if we’re out there making plays doing what we’re supposed to do, (we’ll start) one and oh,” senior tight end Travis Vokolek said. “Everything we do, be 1 and 0, don’t lose that rep, don’t lose that practice, try not to lose that game.”

“We’re going over there for one reason and one reason only and that’s to win the game,” Frost said when addressing concerns over the long trip to Ireland. “It’s not a bowl trip that we’ve earned, it’s just a game that we go focus on.”

To make it work, one of the leaders of the Blackshirts, Garrett Nelson, seems focused on making an impact out of the gate.

“I want people when they watch to see people just coming over walls of offensive linemen,” junior edge defender Garrett Nelson said. “I want both of our rush ends to have double-digit sacks, I want our interior guys to collapse pockets, I have visualizations of me as a player doing that and our defense doing that.”

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