Omaha CenturyLink customers frustrated with poor communications, slow repairs

Repairs took a month and they want more than an apology.
Published: Jul. 11, 2022 at 10:28 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Monday started better for a pair of CenturyLink customers with phone and internet service back up. But repairs took a month and they want more than an apology.

CenturyLink customer Victoria Parks says she hadn’t heard her phone ring in a month. But finally, her service is working again.

“I expect an apology,” Parks said. “I expect an explanation why the service went out. Or mail a letter, ‘this is what we are going to do while not providing the service you paid for.’”

As well, Black history professor Karen Johns is relieved her CenturyLink internet service came back on Friday because for a month she couldn’t teach online classes from home.

“Get up every morning and go out to UNO and use their facilities for an online class that I should be able to do from the home,” Johns said.

A Nebraska Public Service Commission advocate helped both customers with complaints about lengthy repairs. Commissioner Crystal Rhoades says the agency can monitor all phone and internet outages.

“And make sure what the plan for repair is and make sure the customer is issued the refund,” Rhoades said. “If that doesn’t happen or there are problems, we can open a formal complaint.”

Complaints from Johns and Parks haven’t gone that far but they want CenturyLink to investigate and repair broken promises.

During the outage, Johns says she received about a half dozen messages from CenturyLink saying a technician will be out that day. So she waited five to six hours a day, but no one came.

“I have a list of times I thought CenturyLink was coming out and they didn’t show up,” Johns said.

Both customers say they followed text instructions to be home, usually during an eight-hour window.

“I stayed home the whole day, nobody ever showed up or contacted me,” Parks said.

Now that their internet and phone service has been restored, the two CenturyLink customers plan to tell the communications company that repair is needed in customer communications.

Both customers say CenturyLink has put credit on their accounts for the service outage.

Centurylink says they are looking into the issues raised by those customers.

Lumen, CenturyLink’s parent company, says they wanted to make things right for these two customers.

“Every customer is important to us, and we work hard to meet their expectations,” a Lumen spokesperson said. “When something doesn’t go as planned, we work to make it right and, in this case, we provided credits to these customers for the service disruption.”

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