EXCLUSIVE: Omaha family wakes up to shooting

Nobody is hurt but it’s a close call that has them asking why
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 11:09 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An Omaha family is awakened by the sound of bullets whizzing by their heads.

Nobody is hurt but it’s a close call that has them asking why.

Staying up late to play video games 10-year-old Alex Moreno heard real-life bullets pierce his bedroom.

“Right here it would have almost hit me if I was to stand like just more like this,” said Alex.

Alex got low though another shot penetrated the wall next to his bed. His mother Angela Garfias collected several fragments and one pristine bullet like the ammo used in an automatic rifle.

“It makes me upset, mad, frustrated because I thought we lived in a safe area and when things like this happen it’s quite shocking,” said Angela.

The parents’ bedroom also has bullet holes.

“Here’s one, two, three, four,” said Angela.

And 16-year-old Johan survived near misses in his front bedroom. The teenager was described by his mother as a shy homebody who wouldn’t be a gang target.

“We are just a regular family who stays out of trouble so I’m thinking they just got the wrong house,” said Angela.

But the shooters aimed where shots could wound or kill.

While the couple believes this is a random perhaps mistaken identity shooting, they are concerned about where most of the bullets struck. The bulk of the 18 shots hit the bedroom areas of the house.

No luck so far finding neighbors with video but listen to camera audio of the shots from two blocks away.

“You’ll have a fisheye view and you’ll catch a nice wide-angle out here.”

The family is adding their own cameras with the help of Denizen Home Technologies which is where the homeowner angela works.

“You see this stuff happening, but you never think it’s going to hit this close to home. It’s just mind-boggling,” said Shawn Fitch, Denizen Home Technologies.

A home is the target of automatic rifle fire while a family of four should feel safe in bed. Until police find who shot up their house and why it will be hard for any of them to rest easy.

“Yeah, we’re lucky,” said Angela.

Omaha Police have made progress in the case but aren’t revealing much information yet.

We do know one arrest has been made so far.

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