Nebraska softball club prepares for fireworks sales

Nebraska Echoes nonprofit tent will pull in about $5,000 for the club
A sure sign that the month of June is running out is fireworks tents are going up.
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 10:22 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A sure sign that the month of June is running out is fireworks tents are going up.

6 is On Your Side with what you need to know and getting ahead of the competition for a good cause.

While other fireworks tents sit empty waiting to set ‘em up for the summer’s Independence Day sales to begin, softball stars for the Nebraska Echoes are taking care of business early.

“We’re organizing fireworks, we’re putting them where they tell us to, we make ‘em look nice and stuff like that,” said Emma Friedrich.

Emma and Maci are two of the 15 kids setting up the first night, most from the 12 and under. Their nonprofit tent will pull in about $5,000 for the club.

“It helps for any tournaments, it helps for uniforms, lots of stuff like that,” said Maci Tippery.

“I do it because I get to spend more time with my teammates and have fun with them and we just get more time together,” said Emma.

“Oh, we have a little bit of everything, they opened the laws up here last year so we’re able to have bottle rockets for the first time in about 30 years, all the 500 gram cakes, and a lot of little kids stuff, everything from little sparklers all the way up to the big boom,” said Sam Sortino.

Echoes fundraiser Sam Sortino says these young softball players will help throughout the sale, meeting customers and tidying up while learning about teamwork and responsibility.

“They have to learn at an early age that nothing is free, you have to work for all the good things in life, and that’s what these kids are doing, they’re out here busting their tail, helping make money for their organization. They care about it,” said Sam.

They’ll have security out here 24-7 and now that they’re already set up, the students can get a good night’s rest Friday before the opening Saturday morning.

Different cities have different times for sales and for setting off fireworks.

Check with your fire or police department for local laws.

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