Council Bluffs Police investigating gym locker thefts

6 News On Your Side talks to a victim with a warning that lock isn't always enough.
Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 10:29 PM CDT
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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) - A pair of customers recently left a Council Bluffs gym feeling hot and not because of a workout. Their lockers had been cleaned out by a thief.

A thief didn’t just steal cash and credit cards from Amanda Kring.

“We had to re-key our home, we had to re-key our cars,” Kring said.

Restoring her sense of security has been costly.

”Nearly $2,000 trying to clean up what she has created.”

The thief took Amanda’s bag and special frog purse from a locked locker at a Council Bluffs fitness club.

“They cut our locks and they took them with them, so when you return to your locker, you open it up to nothing.”

The suspect captured on security cameras was shown leaving the women’s locker room. The Council Bluffs Police detective believes a bolt cutter and the victim’s valuables are inside a backpack she’s carrying.

“She was making small talk for a minute or two at the front counter there and she was wearing a wig,” Detective James Springman said. “He said it looked out of place until he realized what was going on she was gone.”

The suspect jumped into a waiting car with an accomplice who drove to a nearby Walmart and used debit cards from two victims to buy $1,000 in gift cards.

Amanda Kring says anyone using a gym needs to exercise caution with valuables.

“Maybe there are water bottles you can put your keys in or your IDs in, but your locked up belongings aren’t safe either. These criminals are going to find their way around it either way.

The locker thief and accomplice didn’t keep everything. On a nearby street, they tossed out Kring’s ID and COVID card.

“At least I have that back. They didn’t want shot records just my money.”

Kring hopes the gym locker thief and accomplice can be identified and end up where they’ll be weightlifting.

Amanda Kring has also kept in contact with the other victim who tells her the thieves are using stolen personal information to apply for credit cards.

Anyone with information on the locker thefts should contact Council Bluffs Police.

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