Omaha’s Hitchcock Swimming Pool sees several trespassers in recent weeks

But over the last two weeks, two people had to be pulled out of South Omaha's Hitchcock pool after hours.
Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 4:19 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - With nighttime temperatures hovering in the 80′s, a closed public swimming pool can be very inviting. In recent weeks one pool in particular has attracted the attention of people who wanted to take a late-night swim.

For the second time in about two weeks, someone has been pulled out of the Hitchcock Swimming Pool in south Omaha.

Neighbors say people have been jumping the fence to get into the pool for years.

There is a six-foot fence wrapped around Hitchcock Swimming Pool. Officials say this is the city’s only public Olympic-size swimming pool, complete with a diving platform and a 16-foot diving well.

Elutrio Martinez lives across the street from the pool. He says he has witnessed kids running away from the pool after police were called.

“The kids, we saw kids running eveywhere, but they were laughing they were like having fun,” Martinez said. “Oh lets go this way or that way and we saw them running this way, that way, they were hiding, that was last year.”

A couple of weeks ago the good times stopped when first responders had to pull someone out of the pool. Police believe seven kids hopped the fence to get into the pool after hours.

“With it being overnight hours and closed property, it’s fenced, it’s locked, it’s gated, it’s considered trespassing,” said Chris Gordan with Omaha Police. “So we’re trying to discourage the public from making those decisions and going in there and it’s turning into unsafe swimming conditions.”

Frank Povondra has lived in the neighborhood for almost 50 years. He said the police were back at the pool over the weekend.

“All the flashing lights and police and we had to wait until the next day to find out what the heck happened,” Povondra said.

Povondra says people have been jumping the fence around Hitchcock Pool for years, and many times trouble jumps over with them.

“I had a kid that was up there illegally and jumped off the diving board and he hit the one below him, messed up his ankle, put pins and stuff in it.”

Neighbors say they see police patrolling the area almost every night. Police stress it might look like fun to sneak in and swim on a hot night. But it only takes a few seconds for everything to go wrong.

“Especially with it being unsupervised and maybe there are no adults to help out in case a critical situation does happen, it has the potential to turn into a fairly dangerous situation.”

Police say have no updates on the conditions of the two people who were pulled from the pool.

Over the weekend the 911 call for help was placed from an untraceable phone.

Police are still investigating.

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