Homeowners evaluate damages after rain, hail storm throughout Omaha metro

It was a loud evening and a very busy morning for some people in the metro.
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 6:15 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It was a loud evening and a very busy morning for some people in the Omaha metro area.

A hail storm rumbled through the area last night but there were some people who were spared the noise and the damage.

They were on the phone all morning at Pyramid Roofing taking about 150 calls before morning coffee.

“Homeowners are really just wondering to have a hail check just a storm check of their roofing siding gutters and everything, to see if they should open a claim or not,” said Mike Mills.

Joe Bober has already called his insurance agent.

“It put big holes in the pad there.”

His South Omaha home took some abuse from the weather. He says the hail that caused the damage was pretty intense.

“I’ve been in this house 50 years and this is only my second claim I’ve never in all my life seen hail that thick, I’ve seen it hail but not to where you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you,” said Bober.

Some folks in the metro woke to a mess on the streets and damage to their homes.

A few blocks away Henry Couch is surveying the damage done to his family’s home. Some of the hail that caused the damage sits in piles next to the house. Henry says when it came down it was frightening.

“I’ve lived in Omaha most of my life and I’ve only gone to the basement twice and last night was the second time I ran down there like a scared little kid, it was the loudest I ever heard the rain coming down, and the wind,” said Couch.

And the pictures that were taken after the storm kind of look like snow but it’s hail, little stones of ice, some of it still hanging around in piles around the house.

There is some damage here. Holes in the siding screens have been damaged and the flowers took a beating. Henry’s car also took a few hits.

“You can see all the dimples I mean it just literally covered the front hood.”

Many people throughout the metro are cleaning up and checking their homes for hail damage.

The roof of the Couch home will also be checked out.

The hail that fell was loud and in some places, it looked like we had just gone through a snowstorm.

“I’m going to say probably around 8:30 or so I’m on the porch and it comes in and I couldn’t see the tree that tree from the porch it hailed so bad and it piled up to where you could shovel it.”

Colin Andersen is with Integrity Builders. He’s working in Ralston right now and will be on top of homes for the next few days.

Lots of people are calling to see how their roofs came through the storm.

“When you see fresh leaves when you see basically clumps of them together stuck on the side of houses that’s usually a pretty good sign when you can see leaves stuck on the side of houses lot of roofs have them too,” said Andersen.

Cheryl Simon is a traveling radiology tech from Florida working here in Omaha. She’s getting her hair done today but last night she was trying to figure out what was going on.

“So I was like I’m going to go outside and check and when I opened the door I’m like holy crap they were about like nickel sized snowballs coming down and I’m like yeah this isn’t normal its like June what’s hail doing in June, so it was kind of weird for me,” said Simon.

There were some neighborhoods in the metro that got away clean, with no hail damage, and no leaves let in the street.

6 News senior chief meteorologist Rusty Lord says the super cell storm that ran through our area wasn’t very wide.

“A storm like that would produce what you call a hail core and that can leave a really narrow swath that’s why it looks like some places got a lot and others got very little,” said Lord.

But Joe’s house was caught in the storm and he has orders to fix the most important loss, around his home.

“And basically got all my wife’s flowers so I’m in the dog house for that, so now I’ll be working the next few weeks getting new flowers.”

For those who were caught in that narrow swath, there will be some work to do for the next few days.

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