Recalled peanut butter still found on Omaha store shelves

Following the recall, 6 News checked several local grocery stores to see who pulled the product from their shelves and who didn’t.
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 9:47 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Nationwide, more than a dozen people have fallen sick after eating peanut butter products contaminated with salmonella.

The brand, J.M. Smucker, began recalling the products made in their Lexington, Kentucky factory this week.

Following the recall, 6 News checked several local grocery stores to see who pulled the product from their shelves and who didn’t, as many wonder if the Jif products on the shelves in the metro are safe.

“Everyone should assume that retailers are pulling the products from their shelves,” says Ansley Fellers, the Executive Director of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association.

Fellers says the recall is deceiving because it’s what is called a ‘voluntary’ recall.

“That just means a regulator, a government regular like the FDA, or USDA isn’t forcing the recall, that it was voluntarily initiated by the manufacturer, the supplier, that they knew something was wrong, that something posed a risk to consumer health and they voluntarily initiated the recall,” she says.

No matter what kind of recall it is, mandatory or voluntary, Fellers says that grocers are still required to remove all the products from their shelves.

She also says this is nothing new.

“Retailers and their distributors, they experience this quite often actually, and it’s kind of a well-oiled machine at this point.”

The recalled products are those with lot codes of 1274425 through 2140425, but only if the first seven digits end in 425, which indicates they were made at the Lexington facility. The lot code can be found alongside the best-if-used-by date.

Hy-Vee stores have removed nearly all Jif products from their shelves, including the stores at 51st and Center, and 132nd and W. Dodge.

Baker’s stores have too, including the location at the intersection of Leavenworth and Saddle Creek. Baker’s locations also have signs posted about the recall on the shelves.

Stores like Cubby’s, the Family Fare on 50th and Grover, and the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 50th and L still have Jif products, but we found none with the recalled code.

The only place 6 News found jars with that recalled code still on the shelf was Wholner’s in Midtown Crossing. It appeared as though some Jif products had been removed from the shelves, but not all of them.

“The legal ramifications of someone buying a contaminated product that was knowingly contaminated in this case, are enough to make retailers very careful about pulling the products once they know which products need to be pulled,” Fellers says.

6 News has reached out to Wholner’s about the product still being on the shelves. This story will be updated when they respond to our request for comment.

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