Sarpy County homeowners frustrated over fence smashers

Costly vandalism is caught on video and several homeowners are left angry and frustrated.
Published: May. 11, 2022 at 10:58 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Costly vandalism is caught on video and several homeowners are left angry and frustrated.

Body smashing expensive vinyl fences means these vandals crossed the line from pranksters to criminals. One homeowner left to pick up the pieces says they should be prosecuted.

“It’s more than just one house, it’s multiple and it’s almost into double digits of this damage. I would say yeah, you commit a crime you pay the consequence for it,” said Leslie Turner.

Fences around eight yards near 160th and Giles are targeted by vandals at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

A neighbor’s security camera across from one home shows seven young men running toward the panels and six crash through. One of them stops short maybe realizing the possible consequences of the vandalism.

Video of vandals smashing holes in fences should give sheriff’s investigators solid leads and if any of them can be identified and are 18 years and older they may not find themselves in juvenile court but could be prosecuted as adults.

Investigators are confident those who caused damage will be identified.

“Even if they get cited for a felony and it gets pled down to a misdemeanor, or they agree to pay some type of restitution, if they get arrested for it, it will show up on their record,” said Sgt. Blake Raughton, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Dept.

Bill Comer is a fence salesman.

“Just one of these sections is well over 100 bucks,” said Comer.

Helping patch up his daughter’s fence Bill says the cost isn’t just about money.

“This is the second most expensive fence a homeowner can spend money on and when they damage, its lack of supplies it’s hard to replace,” said Comer.

Blocks away Leslie isn’t left with much to salvage with broken posts and cracked fencing that may cost several thousand dollars to replace.

“We have video identifying how many people we are looking for and we have really good video of the vehicles,” said Raughton.

The vandals aren’t just caught on camera but a microphone that catches their attitude toward damaging other peoples property.

“You can hear them laughing after they do it and you are like, this isn’t funny,” said Turner.

Security video from homeowners and their neighbors show the vandalism, tagalongs who witnessed it, and the vehicles they all rode around in.

So bringing vandals to justice investigators have several angles to pursue.

Sarpy County Crimestoppers will offer rewards for tips leading to the arrest of the vandals responsible for the damage early Tuesday morning.

If you can provide that information call 402-592-STOP for the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office.

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