Knicely Done: Peter’s prodigious muscle car collection

He's added more than 120 other muscle cars to his collection and it's right here in Omaha.
Published: May. 4, 2022 at 11:00 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Peter Fink bought his first car, a 1970 Firebird, at age 16 and now 52 years later he still has it.

“It was a very special car to me, it was a 400 horsepower motor formula 400, and I dragged raced it a lot and won a lot of races and to me this car was everything.”

That’s why Peter has the perfectly restored Firebird parked front and center in his own personal museum of American Muscle Cars. Over the years he has collected more than 120 pristine classics that are on display.

Among the treasures is the first Firebird ever made.

“It’s VIN number one,” he explained as he opened the passenger door to show the red interior complete with the original AM/FM radio. “Any firebird you ever see after this, and all of them down that road all came after this. You know the crazy part is it’s a convertible.  Number two was a hardtop.”

Walking down the rows of cars, Peter can elaborate on the history of each vehicle that is fully functional and ready to drive.

“These are all Hemi cars, the big 426 Hemi made in the late 60s that was on the Nascar track,” he said. “It was actually outlawed in 1970. It’s kind of what got Richard Petty started.

In another section are rows of Corvettes and in another area a line of Camaros that includes “a ‘69 Yenko Camaro that they put a 427 engine in for drag racing. They only made 201 of them.”

Peter pointed out another treasure, “a 69 Charger Hemi that was built to go in the Chrysler Museum and it went to the Detroit Auto Show and to the World Fair in 1969. Somehow the car got sold and I found it about 13 years ago and had the car restored. Chrysler found out about it and they’ve been trying to buy it back and put it in the Chrysler Museum. It’s not for sale.”

Other eye-catchers include two sleek Ford Shelbys. “Ford brought back the GT in 2017-18,” he explained. “Both of my Shelbys are VIN number 3, the first in each year that was offered to the public.  Ford owns VIN one and two in each year.”

It’s the kind of collection that is a treat to see and with that in mind, Peter generously stages some charity events from time to time.

One is set for Saturday May 7 and headed by Annali Leach, the current Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Omaha.

Annali is very familiar with muscle car restorations. Her husband Andy owns Cal Automotive Creations in Bennington.

Several years ago he won the prestigious “Ridler Award” for his restoration of a 1940 Ford Coupe.

Her goal is to raise $100,000 with the “Cure Cancer Car Show.”

Those who attend can pay extra to go inside the Museum, see the impressive collection of cars and enjoy refreshments. Outside in the parking lot will be a local car show complete with activities for kids.

“Car guys always pull through,” said Annali. “It’s because we always just come together and everyone with a little bit that they can give and donate big to this cause.  It’s going to be great!”

Here is the link for more information on the “Cure Cancer Car Show.”

Knicely Done!

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