Omaha woman’s car returned after mysteriously towed from driveway

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Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 3:51 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - In the last few hours, the mystery has been solved thanks to 6 On Your Side.

After 6 News posted the story of her missing car online earlier this evening, Kathie says she got a knock on the door.

The tow driver apologized for towing the wrong car. A similar car broke down a few blocks away.

The owner hadn’t gone to the tow lot yet so the mistake wasn’t discovered until the story.

Kathie says her car was returned and it appears no worse for the wear.

Last Saturday a car turned up missing from a driveway in south-central Omaha. But the way it was taken makes this an unusual case.

Since her husband died of COVID 74-year-old Kathie Knight cares for the classic cars they kept but one of them is missing.

“No it could not have been a repo at all and I just can’t figure out why somebody would take it,” said Knight.

A security camera on the business next door records the 1998 Buick Century parked at Kathie’s driveway Saturday morning.

A tow truck driver stops and looks it over. The car is locked with no keys inside.

“It was a good little car. It was well maintained and if they’re just going to chop it up that’s a shame,” said Knight.

The driver backs up and hooks up the Buick which is front-wheel drive so it’s a herky-jerky tow away.

The questionable two left skid marks and also this scrape on the concrete driveway which indicate something on the bottom of the vehicle has been damaged and also shows the driver didn’t seem to care about the condition of the car after he dragged it away.

mysterious tow
mysterious tow(PHOTO: WOWT)

Once in busy 60th Street, the driver unhooks to turn around. That’s when the camera captures a good look at the tow truck with markings on a lower panel though hard to make out.

No logos on the doors and license plates are missing.

“In broad daylight, they had no fear,” said Knight.

Once moving in front of the car the tow driver hooks it up again and with traffic passing by Kathie’s Buick is towed away.

“You know if they were trying to do something shady but still if they would just say hey this just ain’t worth it, and bring it back or set it somewhere so it can be found,” said Knight.

Kathie hopes video of the truck will spur a tip that unlocks the mystery. Who towed away her ‘98 beige Buick and why.

Tow drivers are required to inform police when towing unattended cars. A check of the log indicates that didn’t happen.

Police put out a broadcast to be on the lookout for the tow truck and Kathie’s car.

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