Antiviral COVID-19 pill in stock at Omaha metro pharmacies

One pharmacy coordinator in Omaha believes they stay on the shelves because many people aren’t aware of this treatment option
Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 4:55 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The vaccine is the major weapon in fighting against COVID-19.

Taking the shot can keep you out of the hospital if you come down with the virus.

Now there’s a pill that can also prevent serious illness or a hospital stay after you catch COVID.

“But the main key is it has to be started within five days of symptom onset and that is really the time crunch making sure they get it to individuals quickly,” said Andrew Schleisman, Kohll’s pharmacy coordinator.

Andrew Schleisman is the pharmacy coordinator at Kohll’s Pharmacy. He tells 6 News Pfizer’s antiviral pill Paxlovid was in short supply when it was first authorized for emergency use.

Now they have the pills in the pharmacies.

“It is very easy to use for the main patient they will be taking three tablets, two times a day for five days, that’s very easy can be with or without food.”

Schleisman says there are plenty of the antiviral pills in stock. He believes they stay on the shelves because many people aren’t aware of this treatment option.

“I think just not enough people know about it and its benefits I’m sure there’s plenty of individuals that do get diagnosed with COVID just don’t know about it just staying home and working through the illness or unfortunately get hospitalized and only after that happens they realize there was treatment available.”

Schleisman says the elderly and people with compromised immune systems can really benefit from the antiviral pill. Studies show the antiviral is very effective and COVID is still circulating in our community.

“In the clinical studies of it shows it’s about 90% effective at reducing severe disease and hospitalization and omicron, the subvariant of that, is still around and still prevalent individuals are still being hospitalized.”

You will need a prescription to get the pill. If you need more information on available antivirals of course talk to your doctor.

You can also get information for treatment at Kohll’s Pharmacy.

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