Omaha couple experiences moving nightmare, shock over cost

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Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 10:46 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A move to another state can be exciting and stressful. It can also deliver a surprise with the final bill.

That happened to an Omaha couple who used a moving broker.

What movers didn’t take, the Grantham’s pack in their car.

”I had to go out and straighten for them that they did get on there,” Andrew Grantham said.

But it’s a higher-than-expected bill from the movers that caused Vicky to unload her emotions.

“I was crying and stressed,” Vicky Grantham said.

The Georgia-based mover says the agreed-upon price of $2,000 was for 54 items, but the two subcontractors loaded 141 items on the truck so the couple got charged $3,700.

“She will definitely pay more due to the fact she added so much more. Mr. Mike, nothing here is bad,” said Eli of AHR Movers.

Though the mover claims his driver warned about overloading, the couple says they didn’t know about a higher charge until after their belongings left town.

“After they get our furniture in the truck and leave us to Kansas, which was supposed to go to Colorado, they call and said we couldn’t get our stuff until we paid this certain amount of money,” said Andrew.

The couple wrote separate checks to a broker and mover.

“If you are dealing with a broker who are going to be the companies moving your goods, will there be more than one? There shouldn’t be all these surprises,” said Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau.

When their belongings got to Denver, the couple from Omaha said they had to pay the driver $750 to open the truck.

Before the movers arrived, the couple installed a doorbell camera at their new address to document the delivery of their belongings.

“Record them in there, if they were to drop something we have it recorded,” Vicky said.

Besides the video of the move-in, the couple took pictures afterward of 11 broken pieces the movers promised to address.

“I will have customer service reach out to her to have her file the claim,” Eli said.

The couple returned to Omaha for belongings they say the movers couldn’t fit.

“We look a little bit like the Beverly Hillbillies but I guess we’ll make it,” Andrew said.

But it’s a misfortune of a higher-than-expected moving bill they take west.

The mover told 6 News he gave the customers a $200 discount.

The broker involved in the move called Homesafe Transit has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau with more than 70 complaints in the last year. That company didn’t return a phone call.

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