Omaha teens face felony charges of robbery

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 9:56 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Three teens are in deep water after a night of alleged bad decisions landed them in cuffs.

The trio of teens all under 16 could face years in prison.

“They robbed a Greenlight Natural CBD cannabis store and took some property from the store. The next was a person on the street they walked up to,” said county attorney Margaret Arlt.

Judge Darryl Lowe had heard enough, according to Douglas County Attorney Margaret Arlt, the group decided April 6th would be a night of threatening people, taking off with their money and stealing cars.

“You should know sir, I need $4,000 for you to get out of jail,” said the judge.

That was for the youngest of the group. He’s only in eighth grade.

Now required to pay 10% of a $40,000 bond before he can leave jail because he’s considered a flight risk.

“There’s a lot of litigation across the country going on regarding the brain development of juveniles and how does that affect their culpability,” said public defender, Tom Riley.

Tom Riley, a public defender, who’s not involved with this case says the risk assessment used to determine how dangerous a teen may be has been recently regarded in studies as outdated, biased, and some even racist.

Still, the judge has to consider facts.

“I’m gonna set bond pretty significant. It’s gonna be $75,000, 10%,” said the judge.

Even though all of their accusations are identical, including felony robbery, one of the young men is being slapped with more serious punishment.

“He’s had a gun possession in juvenile court last year,” said Arlt.

None of the teens are old enough to drive yet it appears during the chaotic night not only did they operate stolen vehicles, but they also sped away from police.

Despite four decades of defending juveniles, Riley says these cases don’t get easier.

“It’s not necessarily shocking but it’s disappointing and it’s sad,” he said.

They each have preliminary court dates set for May.

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