Douglas County Sheriff candidate calls on Nebraska Democrats to sanction challenger

Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 12:16 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The temperature is beginning to rise in the Douglas County Sheriff’s race.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Wayne Hudson is calling for the Nebraska Democratic Party to issue sanctions against his Democratic opponent Greg Gonzalez. Hudson alleges that the Gonzalez campaign is spreading lies in an effort to derail Hudson’s campaign.

Hudson claims a paid canvasser working for the Gonzalez campaign is going door-to-door spreading misinformation and outright lies about him.

“Some are saying that she’s telling people that I’m a Republican. She told one person that she thought was white that I’m African-American... in other words saying, ‘don’t vote for an African-American.’ She told some other people that I’m dishonest, that people in my own department don’t like me — spreading these things for political reasons,” Hudson told 6 News.

Hudson said he complained about the issue to the Democratic party at the state and county level. He said there was a meeting to work out an agreement. Hudson said the canvasser was told to stop, but he claims the canvasser continued to spread misinformation.

The Gonzalez campaign declined 6 News’ offer for an on-camera interview but did issue a statement:

“Unfortunately, our opponent is conjuring false allegations about our campaign. The false accusations and harassment directed at one of our award-winning African American female canvassers recently required her to file a police report. This egregious and unsafe behavior is very concerning.

The Greg for Sheriff campaign continues to work hard reaching out to our community members. Greg for Sheriff has outraised our opponents and visited over 20,000 doors of Douglas County residents to hear their concerns. This election will be the most competitive and costly campaign in the history of the Douglas County Sheriff’s race.

We will continue to run a positive, integrity-filled campaign with experienced, tenured, diverse campaign staff with decades of successful experience.”

Greg Gonzalez campaign

6 News also reached out to Nebraska Democratic Party officials but were told they were not available.

“Let’s get back to the issues,” Hudson said. “Tell this person to knock if off... They’ve done this twice. Now that you’ve done this, put sanctions on them.”

The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission officials told 6 News that the complaint process is confidential, but we do know that so far, neither the Hudson nor the Gonzalez campaigns have filed a complaint with that office.

“I don’t want to take the negative route, and I’m not going to,” Hudson said. “What I’m hearing from the public is that they’re tired of all the negative campaigning, so what we’ve been trying to do is show a beacon of light in the community of something positive.”

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