Congressman Jeff Fortenberry resigns from office

Nebraska representative was convicted of felonies in a federal court in California March 24
Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 4:21 PM CDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s (R-Neb.) name has been removed from his office door, an official sign marking his departure from the U.S House of Representatives.

Thursday is the nine-term congressman’s last day in office. He resigned after being convicted of several felonies related to an FBI investigation into illegal campaign contributions.

In a relatively quick turn of events, Fortenberry announced in October he was being indicted. He faced a jury trial earlier this month, was convicted, and announced his resignation, effective April 1st.

His seat will now sit empty until the governor holds a special election.

Lt. Gov Mike Foley, who publicly endorsed Fortenberry and supported him throughout, says he was saddened by the recent events.

“I think Jeff’s going to come back in a big way,” said Foley. “After such a successful career in government and politics to have it end this way, is just such a great tragedy.”

Since the deadline to withdraw has passed, Fortenberry remains on the ballot for the primary election in May. Georgetown University political expert Mark Rom says, it’s unlikely he’ll win but this may not mark the end of the convicted congressman’s career.

“Sometimes the voters are willing to give politicians a second chance, if they believe that the politician is actually remorseful and if they believe that the politician will sin no more,” said Rom. “That’s certainly possible; it depends on how Fortenberry plays this.”

Gray Television’s Washington News Bureau reached out to Congressman Fortenberry for an interview. He declined the request.

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