As gas prices rise, Omaha metro drivers fill their tanks

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Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 10:44 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Gene LaDoucer of AAA says Nebraska has the sixth cheapest average gas price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. right now.

That’s the good news. If you’ve been to the pump, you already know the bad news.

”That’s little consolation for those paying the price,” LaDoucer said. “Average (per gallon is) $3.80, which is up $.39 on the week and we expect it to continue to rise.”

The prices may very well have already changed since we tooled around the metro Tuesday afternoon.

Gas price tracking apps offered by AAA and Gas Buddy show prices as low as $3.44 per gallon for unleaded at the BP station on 42nd and Grover, Mega Saver showing the steadiest prices at their locations, a consistent $3.59.

The line to get gas at members-only Costco shows folks like Mickey are filling up while they can.

”I filled my tank half full,” she said. “And it was over $50.”

LaDoucer said AAA Nebraska recently conducted a study and found 50% of consumers are starting to change their driving behaviors to find cheaper gas.

But most we talked to, like Ryan, weren’t ready to drive out of their way.

”Not out of the way,” he said. “Like now, I’ll put over $100 in fuel in, and hopefully it will last me three weeks instead of two weeks.”

“They won’t drive a long way to get cheaper gas, but they’ll drive down the block, or they’ll take advantage of loyalty programs,” LaDoucer said. “We also recommend if they are fueling their car, don’t purchase premium fuel unless your vehicle requires it because that’s considerably more expensive.”

James was filling his muscle car, a 2021 Dodge Challenger, glad he lives close to where he works.

”Whew, $3.99,” he said. “And I can’t get the cheap stuff for this car, ‘cause it ain’t gonna act right. (laughs)”

He plans to keep having fun with his fun car, pointing out it’s not his only car should prices get out of hand.

”I’m gonna keep doing it,” he said. “I mean, I got a muscle car for a reason, I like to drive a little faster. My wife and my insurance company are both telling me, hey, slow it down, but it’s probably not gonna happen.”

We noticed that sometimes you don’t even have to look very far at all to find cheaper gas. At one Omaha intersection, we found gas at Casey’s for $3.89 a gallon, while the Murphy’s, just across the street, had unleaded for $3.69.

You can find gas info online at AAA and GasBuddy, and there are several apps available for mobile phones to choose from.

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