Nebraska becomes 17th state to call for Constitutional Convention

State’s approval puts the movement for the request at the halfway mark
WOWT 6 News Live at 6:30
Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 1:24 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - There has been an effort in the country to call for a Constitutional Convention of the states. Thirty-four have to make that request for it to happen.

Nebraska became No. 17 on Friday after Wisconsin became number 16 earlier in the week.

The vote was 32 for, 11 against, and four senators did not vote.

If a Constitutional Convention happens then three subjects would be addressed, including two that are vague at this level: Congressional term limits, limiting the size and scope of the federal government, and considering fiscal restraints.

There was passionate debate on the floor Friday morning over LR14, the legislative resolution that called for the convention of the states.

State Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk said, “What else besides this could we do to change the course of this country? The answer is this is the process that’s outlined in our constitution... What we are doing today is raising our hand as a state and we’re saying we want change and you have to trust the people.”

State Sen. Megan Hunt of Omaha said, “I agree that Congress is broken, I agree that the system is messed up. But this idea is wild. Given the current political climate we have in our country, highly racialized, voting rights under attack. Half the country thinks the president wasn’t elected. That’s wild

Thirty-eight states would be needed to support ratifying an amendment proposed at a convention before it would become a reality.

There are 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. None of them was proposed at a Constitutional Convention.

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