Fremont and Dodge County propose inland port authority

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Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 7:10 PM CST
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FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) - The city of Fremont in cooperation with Dodge County is designating a site on the southeastern side of the city for manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution projects.

This is their bid to the state to become one of the five communities designated as an inland port authority site.

“We are an ideal candidate with the development of our highway system over these recent years and what’s taking place transportation wise the proximity of Omaha, the proximity of Lincoln, I just think it really speaks to what the more and more I learn about weather inland port authority it speaks to what we can provide,” said Bob Missel, Dodge County Board of Supervisors.

An inland port authority site needs solid transportation routes not just by water. Fremont sits in the middle of the country’s railway system and has three major state highways running through it.

“To me, it’s the future economy right. We’re moving product in and out warehousing distribution, rail access site or access to grain in the area access to the world economy that’s gonna happen right here in Fremont,” said Fremont Mayor Joey Spellerberg.

If approved, the city hopes to do a dozen projects in a 12 year period. Construction costs could bring almost a billion dollars to the area and create more than a thousand jobs.

Once finished, the project is estimated to bring nearly 3,500 long-term jobs to the area.

“This is something that will happen over the next two decades and a few more years to really get going but it really lays great groundwork for the future,” said Megan Skiles, Greater Fremont Development Council.

“As you look around Eastern Nebraska this location makes a lot of sense.”

The Fremont City Council will vote to approve moving forward with the next bid Tuesday. The Dodge County Board will vote the following evening.

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