Omaha homeowners give caution in dangerous home project with contractor

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Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 10:39 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A warning tonight about a home improvement company attracting customers through neighborhood apps.

Three homeowners learned they needed to dig deeper into qualifications before paying money down.

A finished basement wall gives Dave Triplett the chills and he’s going to find out why.

“There’s no insulation and that’s an outside wall,” said Triplett.

Dave and son Rick hired Affordable Home Renovations LLC of Omaha for extensive work including electrical and plumbing.

“I figured he was getting the permits and everything, that’s what we hired him for,” said Triplett.

A photo of a junction box was sent to the state chief electrical inspector.

“It’s dangerous, it’s bad, it’s not even close to being right. I would say an electrician did not do that,” said Mike Bouwens, State Chief Electrical Inspector.

That’s concerning to the 82-year-old who lives here.

“If it’s not code and its electricity, it could cause a fire,” said Triplett.

The plumbing also concerns them.

In this maze of water pipes, the homeowner had to install his own little device and Ziploc bag.

“There’s a leak on the joint up there,” said Triplett.

Homeowner Meg Ursick also hired Affordable Home Renovations LLC of Omaha but that’s not who finished the bathroom remodel.

“We had the work completely redone basically. The shower taken out, the subfloor taken out because he had done that wrong,” said Ursick.

A third homeowner Arlene Edwards says she never got a chance to see $830 worth of porch work.

“He just took the money and never came back. He emailed me a couple of times with some excuses but then that stopped,” said Edwards.

The owner on customer invoices has his name and phone listed but a different company registered with the state.

In text, he states he runs an honest reliable company operating within legal boundaries and it’s not the same name as Affordable Home Renovations LLC so he won’t be named. He hasn’t reported identity theft to the police or the Better Business Bureau.

“Clearly if there are license issues with contractors once we investigate that, like if we learn this individual is not licensed that information will be posted on their review at BBB,” said Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau said.

The bureau gives Affordable Home Renovations LLC an F rating. But homeowners who have photos and opinions from outside experts grade the company’s work a U for unsafe.

“This was really dangerous, we could have had carbon monoxide,” said Ursick.

As in this case, contractors can correctly say they are registered with the state. However, the Department of Labor website warns consumers that it does not ensure the quality of work or protect against fraud.

It’s mainly for proof of workers comp insurance.

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