Omaha recycling site mess irks nearby businesses

Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 10:08 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - With recent weather producing strong wind gusts, recycling trash piling up at a northwest Omaha business park has become extra irritating to neighbors there.

It makes for a frustrating morning for workers there as they clean up an irritating mess.

“We don’t want trash in our shrubbery in our landscaping or in front of our door. We don’t want patients to potentially trip over anything,” said Stephanie Hanson, who works at a nearby chiropractor’s office.

In the last couple of weeks, her job duties have also included “trash collector.”

A city recycling location near 120th and Maple streets has an unauthorized drop-zone outside the bins created by post-holiday dumping.

Recycling bins there have been full, but people aren’t patient enough to wait for them to be emptied before leaving their recyclables behind. So they dump anywhere they can.

Wednesday, Steve Turner found room in the bin for his recyclables. He said he’s disgusted that others don’t wait for space.

“You still shouldn’t just dump it,” he said. “Call somebody — there’s got to be a phone number somewhere — and say, ‘Bring out another bin.’ ”

The city did dispatch an FCC worker who asked not to be shown shoveling into a big dumpster. He said he would return Thursday to keep digging into the overflow pile of recyclables.

It’s likely Hanson will also be picking up trash around the office.

“Ads, napkins, there’s cans — and we try to keep up with it the best that we can,” Not easy to do? No not when the wind picks up every day.”

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