Fathers and sons from Omaha help with Kentucky tornado clean up

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Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 4:14 PM CST
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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WOWT) - Seventy-seven dead and counting, that’s the lastest number of people killed tornadoes ripped through Kentucky on Dec. 10th.

One of them was an EF4 tornado that traveled 165 mph on the ground with a wind speed of up to 190 mph.

“A lot of damage a lot of devastation.”

“I was coming out of the bathroom and the wind blew me across the hall.”

In Dawson Springs, Kentucky, the clean-up from an EF4 tornado continues.

“We were looking for an opportunity to come out and serve, we thought that would be a really good thing to do.”

Adam Mayberry is there along with two other dads and five boys with the Nebraska Trail Life Troop 812 based out of Christ Community Church. They’ve been in Dawson Springs for two days with Omaha Rapid Response.

December in Kentucky. Hope. Love.

Posted by Omaha Rapid Response on Tuesday, December 28, 2021

This is how these boys are spending their Christmas break.

“When we were first discussing doing this and looking into how we would do it, all five of these when we brought it up to them were 100% gung ho, let’s do it. They wanted to go I mean they would have been ready to leave that minute if we let them,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry says it’s hard to comprehend the damage a tornado can create unless you are in the middle of it. Everywhere you look there is evidence of the path of destruction.

”Once you hit that...the path of the tornado, it just goes forever and the damage to the houses, property, the cars, everything...the trees are just wiped out.”

They start working at 8 a.m. and go until 4 p.m. Mayberry says the boys are holding up weel taking on the task at hand.

”Picking up all the roofing material finding photographs and trying to collect those because you don’t know where they came from so it’s a lot of clean up and really whatever we can to help out.”

He also says the boys are learning a lot about themselves as they serve others, something he hopes they carry on throughout their lives.

“This is the best way we have to show God’s love to people that are in need and really I think it helps the boys to understand that this is a lot bigger than you or me you know...that people have lost a lot here.”

The group will return home this Friday.

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