California grandmother waits for furniture after moving to Omaha

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Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 10:48 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Moving to Omaha in October brought a California grandmother closer to family for the holidays and long after. But it’s not been a joyous time because of what’s missing.

About to become a great grandmother, Susan Brownell wants a favorite chair for baby rocking but movers have shaken her up.

“I don’t know where my stuff is, I don’t even know if it’s still there, did it get stuck in some storage,” said Brownell.

She lives in a sparse apartment because her furniture and belongings picked up on Oct. 7th near Sacramento have yet to arrive after 75 days.

“Even the written estimate says 6-21 days, well we’re way beyond that point,” said Brownell.

Finding My Best Mover of Florida online, Susan thought she could afford the $2,900 estimate. But daughter Jen Barlett found that’s a broker and another company does the moving which could charge $966 upon delivery.

“At this point, you’re kind of at their mercy hoping that they will just bring your stuff and whatever they ask for,” said Bartlett.

The Better Business investigates 13,000 moving complaints a year. An industry black eye that prompted major reputable companies to establish a website called Move Rescue.

“Which is designed for people like this who haven’t got their belongings or are being told ins way more than they anticipated in the beginning, they have assistance which is available,” said Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau.

She sleeps on an air mattress wearing a few clothes she brought and using a substitute TV stand.

“These are my granddaughter’s totes,” said Brownell.

Susan says two and a half months is too long to wait for movers to deliver her furniture.

After calling a driver for Moving Express & Storage of New Jersey, they say Susan’s things should arrive in Omaha by early next week with no additional charge.

“I can move forward, I can have clothes to go look for a job. I can feel better about not burdening my family,” said Brownell.

All Susan wants for Christmas is what she already owns.

The driver for Moving Express of New Jersey says there also won’t be any storage fees charged to the customers. A representative of the broker for the move called My Best Mover declined to comment.

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