Omaha metro vendors prepare for fireworks sales ahead of New Year’s Eve

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 4:44 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Many people are hoping for a white Christmas but businesses that sell fireworks want the snow to stay away.

“Weather is the key to selling fireworks obviously if we get a lot of snow, typically sales seem to slow down quite a bit so again if the weather stays like we’re expecting, we’re expecting really really strong sales through the end of the year,” said Dan Williams.

Dan Williams is the President of Wild Willy’s Fireworks and they’ve been selling fireworks to bang and pop in the New Year’s since Dec. 17 in Council Bluffs. Williams says celebrating the new year with fireworks has been going on around here for years but in other parts of the country, you might find fireworks under the Christmas tree.

“Down south in the southern states, a lot of people actually put fireworks in stocking and wrap them for Christmas gifts.”

“Something that really hasn’t caught on up here yet but today, we had a customer come in and actually buy something for her son for Christmas.”

Just like any other business, fireworks vendors have been affected by problems with the supply chain.

“A lot of the product that we expected to come in before the fourth of July is still showing up and we’ve actually got containers that have not shown up yet, it’s still a huge issue and we’re hoping by this fourth of July that will catch up but time will tell.”

Williams says fireworks sales in the winter are not a big part of his business.

“Typically, the New Year’s Eve season is a very small portion obviously we open up, there’s enthusiast out there that want to light fireworks for News Year’s Eve.”

How many boxes of fireworks go off the shelves will depend on what things look like outside over the holidays.

Rule vary from city to city in the Omaha metro area as far as when you can buy and shoot off fireworks sales but you can fire them off to celebrate the new year.

Check local ordinances to find out what is allowed in your city or town.

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