3 additional tornadoes confirmed in Nebraska and Iowa

A severe weather outbreak on December 15, 2021 produced dozens of tornadoes across the region
23 Tornadoes Confirmed Across the WOWT Viewing Area
23 Tornadoes Confirmed Across the WOWT Viewing Area(WOWT)
Published: Dec. 20, 2021 at 9:32 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The National Weather Serviced confirmed 3 additional tornado tracks across portions of Nebraska and Iowa on Monday. The storm surveys showed an additional tornado in northeastern Nebraska, and two in parts of Mills County.

23 tornadoes have now been confirmed across the WOWT viewing area. For a full breakdown of the severe weather outbreak, click here:

Two additional tornadoes were confirmed in parts of Mills County. A 10-mile path of damage from an EF-1 tornado with peak winds of 110mph was identified in southwestern Mills County, just west of Tabor. The tornado tracked into portions of central Mills County, moving toward Hillsdale where several buildings were damaged and a path of tree damage was noted. The twister also damaged several homes and snapped numerous power poles, leading to the closure of Highway 34 for several days. The tornado ended just north of Highway 34 in central Mills County. A second, short-lived tornado was identified near Henderson. This EF-1 tornado was on the ground for a little over a half-mile with peak winds of 110mph that damaged several farm buildings and vehicles, then snapped several power poles and trees.

Mills County Tornadoes
Mills County Tornadoes(WOWT)

Another EF-1 tornado track was identified just to the southwest of Bancroft in northeastern Nebraska. The tornado cross Highway 51 just west of Bancroft and continued into southern Thurston County, passing west of Rosalie before dissipating. Numerous buildings were damaged along the path of the tornado, including a barn that collapsed in the wind. Significant tree damage and power pole damage was also noted along the 9-mile path.

Bancroft Tornado
Bancroft Tornado(WOWT)

With these three additional tornadoes confirmed, the regional total for this outbreak rises to 65 tornadoes across 4 states.

65 Tornadoes Confirmed From Wednesday's Outbreak
65 Tornadoes Confirmed From Wednesday's Outbreak(WOWT)

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