Omaha eyesore removed, remains problem area for businesses, neighbors

Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 5:29 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An eyesore was recently removed from a busy Omaha street corner but neighbors say another mess has grown to take its place.

A dilapidated building near 24th and Farnam streets was torn down by the city but neighbors say the now-empty lot with a private development company has become an eyesore of its own. They say the overgrown weeds act as a net.

“It collects a lot of paper and junk,” said one neighbor, Cindy.

Cindy has lived in the apartments next to the lot for 26 years.

“Don’t leave it like this, it looks tacky,” she said. “We’re trying to improve the neighborhood. You got hotel here, hotel there, you got a hotel up there, and the coffee shop there.”

Grove Juicery and Wellness Cafe has a healthy business, and manager Levi Frerichs says the view across the street isn’t what his customers should have to look at.

“The overall aesthetics is terrible,” said Frerichs.

Although he’s glad the old building is gone, he would like the property owners to do something with the empty lot left behind.

“Don’t leave it like the mess it is now,” he said. “It’s just collecting trash and the weeds are overgrown, it’s not even a place where people can go walk their dogs.”

6 News contacted Omaha Weeds and Litter which said they’ll have a city inspector check the lot for code violations.

People who are employed or live nearby say it’s not just the overgrown lot that’s an eyesore but also the pile of concrete on the sidewalk next to it. They want that cleaned up as well, along with all the debris and trash in the area.

Hours after 6 News contacted the city and developer, the concrete pile was removed. The developer also told 6 News to expect the empty lot cleaned up by Tuesday afternoon.

The developer, Anant Enterprises, promises the lot should look much better by Tuesday afternoon. A company spokesman also says the city will be repaid for the demolition of the building that sat there.

Anant Enterprises has built hotels nearby but plans for the empty lot have yet to be decided.

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