Nebraska homeowners thankful for refunds on cloudy sunroom deals with Papillion company

Published: Dec. 8, 2021 at 10:35 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s not exactly a Christmas miracle but a pair of Nebraska homeowners are thankful to get their money back after a 6 On Your Side investigation.

Together they paid almost $90,000 for sunrooms that never got built. Pursing a home improvement dream, Ray Higgins says brighter days lie ahead.

“Instead of standing here in the cold, I can be sitting inside a nice warm sunroom enjoying the morning sun,” said Higgins.

In March, Higgins paid Papio Roofing $47,000 and the company installed a deck base but not the main attraction on top of a manufactured sunroom.

“I was getting nothing but stories and deals to tag me along but once you got involved and reached out to them things seemed to move very fast,” said Higgins.

Subtracting the cost of work done, Ray got a refund check for $39,000 or 84% of what he paid.

“Because of 6 On Your Side and your investigation, myself and the other homeowner have received a majority of our deposits back,” said Higgins.

The Stocks near Murdock have also waited since March for a sunroom with only the deck installed so far. Subtracting the cost, they got 65% of their money back from one partner in Papio Roofing.

“He was real nice about it. I don’t know if he apologized but he let us know he didn’t like doing business that way,” said Jim Stock.

Both customers believe Papio Roofing had partnership issues and the one they dealt with has left the company. But current Owner Jeremy Eickhoff says he followed through on a promise to refund the customers in a timely manner.

With refunds in the bank, both families can hire new contracts and finally see a ray of sunshine they’ve been waiting for since March, construction of a sunroom.

Ray says he has a new contractor lined up while the Stocks will seek bids next spring.

“Next summer you can come out and we’ll drink Iced tea in the sunroom,” said Stock.

The owner of Papio Roofing says he hopes customers will support small businesses in difficult times. The Better Business calls the refunds a good outcome but reminds consumers to pay in thirds.

The sunroom customers say they paid far too much money upfront.

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