Gretna mom lives in fear after alarming break-in attempt

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 10:26 PM CST
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GRETNA, Neb. (WOWT) - An alarming break-in attempt has a Gretna area resident on edge. There’s a reason to believe it might not be an isolated incident.

Like a startling scene in a scary movie, a potential home invasion victim endures a real life fright night.

“The way they were pounding they definitely wanted in.”

The intense pounded dented the metal front door in several places. Believing the potential intruder had left, she provides a calmer description of what happened.

“Kept banging like super loud until my picture fell off the wall.”

Her toddler screaming and alert neighbor likely scared off the attempted intruder but the single mom still fears being identified.

“I was terrified, my heart dropped especially being the only one trying to protect a two-year-old.”

A week later, when someone disable her floodlight, the victim installed Ring cameras front and back. After two disturbing incidents with a stranger, if there’s a third time, that video will be turned over to the sheriff’s office.

Sarpy County Sheriff’s deputies pay special attention even to an attempted home invasion.

“There’s no reason for her to live in fear in her own home and we’ll provide extra patrols in the neighborhood and contact with her and make sure things are good,” said Captain Kevin Griger.

A doorbell camera adds to her sense of security but the woman finds even those are being stolen just a few miles away.

“It makes me wonder if stuff is linked since we’ve had cameras stolen.”

That rings a bell but sheriff’s deputies need more to go on.

“We’ve had reports through Facebook of people losing their Ring camera, but we’ve not had police reports of that so if people are experiencing crimes in their neighborhood, we need those reported,” said Griger.

This single won’t hesitate to call if a potential intruder pounds on her door again.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I think there’s somebody out there who wants something.”

Anyone who experiences a doorbell camera theft in Sarpy County should call the sheriff’s office. That’s not only to catch the thief but if a report is filed with law enforcement, then Ring will replace the stolen device free of charge.

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