COVID patients fill up all ICU beds at Omaha hospital

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Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 10:42 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Every single ICU bed at Methodist is taken by a COVID patient. Doctors across the Omaha metro say enough is enough and people have to get vaccinated.

“Sorry to be the pessimist, but if you haven’t got the message yet, it’s looking bleak for all of us,” said Dr. Brian Boer, Section Chief, Critical Care, Nebraska Medicine.

From Nebraska Medicine to Methodist Health, Omaha metro’s hospitals are full.

“We’re inundated, we’re struggling to take care of the people that come to our hospitals. We’re struggling to take care of the people who come here for a heart attack, or stroke, or whatever,” said Dr. Adam Wells, Methodist Hospital ICU Director.

Dr. Adam Wells head’s up the ICU at Methodist.

“Every single person in our ICU is a COVID patient,” said Wells.

They say what’s most alarming is the sickest of patients, the ones on the ventilators are young. Between the ages of 18 and 40.

“It’s because they’re not vaccinated,” said Boer.

He says they’re pushing the system to the brink.

“This isn’t your average ICU patient that comes in for a quick fix and they’re either dead or better in a few days, you’re here for three weeks, you are a massive burden to our health care system,” said Boer.

Doctors are clearly frustrated and trying to hold on to some hope.

“We recognize people make bad choices and may choose not to get vaccinated for example, but it’s really kind of crushing our health care system at this point. It’s getting old when every single person who rolls through the door is ‘yep, unvaccinated’ again, shocker,” said Boer.

“We’re doing our best. Our staff is doing their best. We just want it to stop too, but we need a little help on your end so we can continue to help you out,” said Wells.

Doctors also said they’ve stopped taking in patients from outside hospitals, even in severe cases, due to being too stretched.

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