Concerns of water leak flow through south-central Omaha neighborhood

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 10:29 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 30, 2021 at 9:59 AM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - What started as a trickle has become a stream of complaints about a neighborhood water leak. Neighbors say nobody has taken the problem seriously enough.

A private pipe leak is causing quite a splash in a south-central Omaha neighborhood and tenant Anna Clemons feels caught in the middle of a water fight.

“The city and the landlord are blaming it on each other so I really don’t know but we’re losing water pressure daily as you can see it literally running,” said Clemons.

Anna rents a place on a newly resurfaced street and she says the leak percolated to the surface right after construction crews left about six weeks ago.

“Everyone’s always coming knocking on my door and it’s like I’m not the owner,” said Clemons.

The concerns increase on frosty mornings and when the sun shines on the sidewalk, it looks just wet but it’s slick and could easily lead to a fall. The water hazard takes two dog legs flowing along the curb around the corner and down the street creating a bigger problem a block away next to Rogelio Flores’ apartment.

“I used to park right there before I slipped on the ice and fell, that really hurt,” said Flores.

Rogelio isn’t the only one spinning their wheels to get the leak fixed. Rose sees water bubbling from through the new asphalt.

“The street just got blacktopped and as you can see, it’s got a dip in it and I think a beautiful new street and it’s going to be ruined,” said Rose.

The city and M.U.D. say the line to the house is the property owner’s responsibility. After a call, landlord Akram Qaud says he’ll push his plumber to get repairs going even though he claims the leak is the city’s fault.

“They need to quit pointing fingers at each other and get together and figure it out,” said Clemons.

The leak in front of one house has concern flowing through the neighborhood when freezing temperature turns a nuisance into a hazard.

A M.U.D. manager says the property owner had been sent a repair notice in early October when the leak didn’t appear significant. However, that has changed and the warning may be escalated.

If the property owner doesn’t get a plumber out quickly, M.U.D. can send in a contractor to make repairs and bill him. The city is also inspecting damage to the street.

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