Omaha city work crews, residents take advantage of warm November days

Warm weather in Omaha brings a different Christmassy feeling
Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 4:55 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Omaha City work crews are taking advantage of this recent stretch of warm weather using the borrowed time to get ahead of repairing city streets while others used the opportunity to just get outside and play.

Lynn Sauer took advantage of the warm November by getting outside and working on his golf game.

“It’s hard to believe we’re out here in November getting a round of golf in and today, there’s no wind so you’re not fighting that. It’s just a great day to be out kind of enjoying nature and chasing a little white ball around,” said Sauer.

Omaha voters approved a $200 million transportation bond to get city roads in shape and the weather is giving work crews more time outside to get the job done.

“Our progress on our street overlays and our panel repairs with our bond issue this is borrowed time for us so a lot of the contractors have finished their annual obligations and they can still work because it’s warm they’ve got capacity so we’ve already moved into doing some of next years stuff we’re ahead of schedule,” said Omaha City Engineer Todd Pfitzer.

Omaha City Engineer Todd Pfitzer says they might have to make some adjustments for the cool nights but as long as the days are warm, they will take advantage.

“Next year, we may get December 20th, we may get three-four inches of snow, and the ground freezes and we might lose a month. So if we get a little bit ahead going into this fall that just helps us even things out. It’s kind of like snow removal, you know we budget $8 million dollars a year, some year we spend six some years we spend 10 but when we can get ahead we do,” said Pfitzer.

Officials say some of the projects have been completed early and some of the new roads are already open with work crews making a lot of progress. It’s always Christmas at Tannenbaum Christmas Shop in the Old Market, this place is loaded with Christmas decorations.

But the weather outside shows no signs that Christmas is only a few weeks away.

“We’ve been seeing temperatures well above normal than what we typically see for this time of year. Our average high should be in the 40′s, for example, this week and we’re seeing high temperatures in the 60′s and 50′s so we’re running 10 to 20 even 25 degrees above normal for this time of year,” said 6 News Meteorologist Mallory Schnell.

Those above-average temperatures are bringing people outside in the sunshine to do some shopping. The nice weather is also attracting those who live outside of the state to come back home for a visit.

Jon Power now lives in Orange County, California. He thought about it first, checked the weather forecast, and made it home for a visit.

“We grew up in Nebraska but we moved to California about 20 years ago so, we were hesitant to come back this time of year but we’re glad we did especially with this weather,” said Power.

More people have made their way into Jeff Jorgensen’s shop and he says the warm weather helps.

“Oh, I don’t think there’s any doubt that people feel more comfortable driving walking around what have you when the weather is nice like it is,” said Jorgensen.

But while the sunshine is nice, Jeff can’t help to think what a few snowflakes would do for this picture.

“It’s always fun in the Old Market and a little bit of snow can add to the Christmassy feeling if you will but it’s definitely nice not to be in a snowstorm.”

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