Police investigating as second report of pipe bomb vandalism surfaces in Omaha

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 5:09 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Douglas County Sheriff investigators are continuing to look into who may be responsible for blowing up a brick mailbox in west Omaha last weekend.

After sheriffs began investigating the above-mentioned mailbox explosion, many other Omaha residents told 6 News about something similar they have experienced.

Investigators knew that the most-recent mailbox explosion was more than just a simple firework prank — a reinforced brick mailbox suffered extreme damage. Neighbors even found debris in their lawns more than 30 yards away.

Homeowners believe those responsible for that explosion were driving a red or burgundy four-door sedan. The explosion rang through the neighborhood about 30 seconds after a neighbor’s security camera caught the car on tape.

Considering the velocity of which pieces of the brick and cast-iron mailbox shot through the air, homeowners say it’s much more than just a teenage prank.

“Someone could have been walking a dog and had the device headed their way and it wouldn’t be a good outcome,” said one.

After seeing the recent mailbox explosion story on 6 News, another homeowner in southwest Omaha shared his own security camera footage from a month ago. The footage features a similar big explosion.

Upon closer review, investigators discovered someone blew up the Porta-Potties at Kingswood Park near 137th and Spring streets. Debris from the explosion made it all the way to a nearby baseball field. Neighbors say the fire department even had to put out a fire.

The Porta-Potty incident happened in Omaha.

6 News asked Omaha Police if there have been more problems with pipe bomb incidents — they say there doesn’t appear to be an issue within Omaha Police boundaries.

The mailbox case is in the jurisdiction of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies also say they aren’t aware of any other types of offenses like this.

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