South Omaha couple’s car wrongfully towed by police

Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 6:57 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A south Omaha couple woke up to quite the shock one morning when their car was being towed without warning.

But they didn’t have to call the police because that’s who took it.

It was around 5:00 a.m. on a Thursday when one home security camera recorded Omaha Police having a 2007 Volvo towed from the street next to the owner’s house.

“I ran out here in my pajamas and said ‘hey, this is my car I paid cash for it.’ They just took it and said two weeks ago it was in a chase and this matched the kind of car and just took it,” said Carrie Williamson, the Volvo owner.

The used vehicle had no plates to run because Carrie and her boyfriend bought it a week ago from Tom Daley, who says the car is in no condition to have been involved in fleeing from police.

“Not that car at all, no. That car couldn’t have run anywhere, that car has been sitting here in the driveway for years,” said Daley. “It had cobwebs in the wheel wells.”

6 News contacted Omaha Police and, sure enough, the car was towed back to the street next to Carrie’s house.

An OPD spokesperson then told 6 News that the vehicle was towed because it looked like one that fled police and was a mistake by a newer officer. They also report an internal review will be conducted to see if there was any violation of policy.

Carrie Williamson said the precinct commander even called to apologize.

“She’s going to talk to her officers about some retraining of something,” said Williamson. “Admitted what they did was wrong and brought it back so I’m happy with it.”

While two cruisers are seen on video, it appears one officer took the lead in having the car towed. An OPD spokesperson said the newer officer needed to do more homework.

The previous owner, Daley, said to think the fixer-upper could have been used to flee police is a case of mistaken car identity.

“That car, I could probably run next to it - and I’ve had seven heart attacks,” said Daley.

OPD apologized for the inconvenience and said Williamson and her boyfriend won’t be charged any tow or storage fees for the mix-up.

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