Omaha woman overcomes cancer thanks to COVID-19 diagnosis

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 7:15 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - While some may say it was just good timing, Boidee Siso says it’s divine intervention. Her COVID-19 diagnosis led to the discovery of breast cancer and ultimately changed her life for the better.

“I couldn’t move, [I was] just like so tired, and the breathing part was hard for me. You know, praying to God to help me out. That was the scary part, the breathing part,” she says about the symptoms she suffered after her COVID-19 diagnosis around October of last year.

“Food didn’t taste good, everything smelled bad, terrible. Everything smelled so bad, and I couldn’t get up from bed.”

But that was a turning point in her life.

“The COVID in the moment was terrible you know, I didn’t want anybody have it, but the same time it was a blessing for me.”

Her son, Mauro, recalls the moment he learned his 61-year-old mother contracted the deadly virus.

“When I learned that my mom had COVID, really both my parents, at that point it was already enough of a challenge to see how we were going to overcome that as a family, but I had peace in my heart and knew that God would help us out and that she would be able to overcome it and that it would just be a moment in time and nothing extended,” Mauro explains.

It took close to three weeks for Boidee to recuperate and it led her to visit her doctor, who recognized she hadn’t had an appointment in years, 10 years to be exact.

Boidee described her doctor as aggressive, but couldn’t be more thankful to him. Through long-overdue testing, they found abnormal growth in her uterus.

Not knowing fully what that meant, the Sisos reached out to a relative who is a doctor back home in Venezuela to help them better understand what this could potentially mean.

“At that point, we didn’t even know anything about the breast cancer, so that alone just led us to rest in God and come together as a family and have faith that she would overcome that as well,” says Mauro.

Shortly after learning about the cysts in her uterus, came another scary diagnosis.

“When my doctor call me that I have cancer, it wasn’t the news I was expecting, you know? and I really was ‘oh my God’ you know, ‘what should I do?’”

Boidee says she prayed to God for answers, and she got them in the form of helpful, informative, and kind medical staff.

In a matter of weeks, she underwent surgeries on both her uterus and her breast cancer. She was told she needed radiation which she declined.

“My fear was to do chemo, because you know, I always tell my husband, I’m never going to do chemo in my life.”

After her surgeries in December, and weeks of follow-up appointments and biopsies, Boidee returned to her normal life. Before she knew it, October of this year came around.

“Came the day I have to do my mammogram again, do all my tests again, well through the glory of God, everything came back clear,” she says.

The clear scans came with an emotional response from her son Mauro.

“When I first learned the mammogram was clear, I was thankful to God and I had that peace so I was confident that was going to be the result, that was part of it,” he says. “The other part still broke my heart, because there are so many people out there that are still struggling.”

Strangely enough, Boidee and Mauro say her clear scans are all thanks to COVID. If she hadn’t have sought out a doctor following her diagnosis, they may not have found her cancer at an early enough stage for her to beat it, or have it removed.

They say her story is a great reminder to prioritize your well-being, and have a little faith, too.

“Young people can remember, old people we forget about it. Write it down! Write it down, I need to do this appointment, that appointment, you know, work is important. Money is important. No more important than your health,” Boidee says.

“I’m thankful that my moms is OK and i just hope that this story of faith and having the right people in your path to help you through will impact others even when the results aren’t necessarily the ones we were able to experience, which is a clear mammogram,” Mauro says.

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