Omaha woman living her dream as cancer-free truck driver

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 6:57 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - We’ve heard a lot recently about a shortage of over-the-road truck drivers across the country but here in the Omaha-metro one woman overcame huge offs to get back to the job she loves.

For Ellie Herron, being a truck driver is all she ever wanted.

“I love to travel, I love to drive, love to see other parts of the country,” said Herron. ”A different scene out of the office window every day. I do like the changes... the challenges. I always want to take and get the load there on time, so I challenge myself... got to get it there, got to get it unloaded and get to the next load.”

Ellie has worked as a truck driver for Hill Brothers transportation for 30-some years.

But six years ago, she found herself facing the biggest challenge of her life.

“I had endometrial cancer and a year later I found out that I had lung cancer,” said Herron.

But Ellie refused to give up.

“I went through treatment, went through chemo, radiation, and then got the clean bill of health a couple of months ago and I said I want to go back to driving, that’s my passion,” Ellie said.

Ellie worked in the office at Hill Brothers but knew her calling was the road.

She built up her muscles and retrained as a truck driver - passing her CDL last week.

Sara, also a driver for Hill Brothers, said she saw her mom at her worst and is now seeing her at her best.

“She always fights for what she wants, never gives up until she accomplishes what she wants,” said Sara.

Ellie returns to the road this weekend. Sara will be right there with her. The two will take to the highway together.

“I’m probably going to cry the minute I see her roll out, I’m, not going to lie,” Sara said.

For Ellie, getting back on the road was her destiny - a goal she refused to let go of.

“Keep up the hope...pray every day,” Ellie said. “Have a great support system... Hill Brothers, my family, my friends they kept me going.”

Ellie leaves for her first delivery to Oakland, California, on Sunday morning.

Sara will be traveling with her but in a separate truck. They should arrive in California on Tuesday morning.

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