Nugent: Scott Frost focuses on how close the team is while one possession losses stack up

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 7:35 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s a hard team to evaluate. Sure you can say the record reigns supreme and because it’s not good the team isn’t good. Can’t argue with that.

There’s also the idea the team is making progress but it is not reflected in the record. That’s the thought Scott Frost is sharing.

“I really thought that this year it would pop, and we’ve been so close.”

All six losses have been by one possession and three of those are against teams ranked in the top ten.

It’s not the losses against Michigan State, Michigan or Oklahoma that are the focus or the source of the pain. Although they had chances in all three of those games to win and pull themselves closer to bowl eligibility. It’s the losses against Illinois, Minnesota and Purdue that carry the most weight, all very beatable teams.

The Huskers played to the level of their competition in all six losses. Against Illinois, Minnesota, Purdue and Oklahoma though the opponent dictated how it would unfold in the second half. The Huskers trailed late in those four games and were not able to finish the game on their terms.

Why has that happened multiple times? Why hasn’t this team won a one-possession game yet? Especially because they’ve played six of them. 0-6 in games decided by eight points or less.

Clearly, answers to those questions continue to escape the leadership of the program.

Consider this too, it’s a really bad year to have a bad year, the Big Ten West is up for grabs. Minnesota who the Huskers should have beat is in first place at 4-1. What could have been if Nebraska beat the Gophers, Illini and Boilermakers. They would be 4-2 and alone in first place with the east leading Buckeyes headed to Lincoln. That would have been fun.

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