Boys Town community wears orange, rallies behind student with Leukemia

Paul Wilson, a 15-year-old Boys Town student battling Leukemia, shows off his custom...
Paul Wilson, a 15-year-old Boys Town student battling Leukemia, shows off his custom cancer-fighting t-shirt.(WOWT)
Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 1:04 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Being a teenager is hard enough but being a teen with cancer - that’s even harder.

One Omaha-metro school has come together to show their love and support for one of their own, Paul Wilson, as he fights against the disease.

Boys Town’s homecoming football game was one to remember, not because of the win on the gridiron but because of the orange wave on and off the field.

“Leukemia is represented by the color orange. Tonight, Boys Town is having an orange out to show support for Paul and to raise awareness for this disease,” was announced over the loudspeakers at Friday night’s game.

15-year-old Paul Wilson and his family teachers Jeff and Misty Sweezy proudly wear the custom orange shirts. They mean a lot more than just the ink on the fabric.

“Because I have Leukemia,” said Paul.

He was diagnosed with the disease in May. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia - it causes cells in your body to grow out of control, they can become cancerous and spread easily.

“I was kind of shocked and then I was wondering if I woulder ever play sports like I used to,” said Paul.

Paul is an avid football and basketball player. Now months into treatment, he’s happy to still be playing the sports that bring him joy.

“I just get more tired than other players,” said Paul.

As good of an athlete as Paul is, Jeff Sweezy is more empowered by his performance at the doctor’s office.

“He’s been doing so well, and his blood counts are near perfect right now,” said Sweezy.

Paul has been a part of Jeff and Misty’s lives for two years now and he’s a key part of the family. Misty can’t help but be proud seeing how Paul has not let his diagnosis stop him.

With the rallying cry of his school and community behind him, the message on Paul’s shirt will ring true - “I can and I will, just watch me.”

The family tells 6 News that Paul’s outlook remains positive and his treatments are going well.

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