Omaha duo face kidnapping charges; bond set in the millions

Omaha Police called to investigate incident at Florence Towers earlier this week
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 3:02 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An Omaha man and woman who said they were trying to recover stolen property are facing a combined bond of $4.5 million following a court appearance Thursday on three counts of kidnapping.

According to court records, Levi Heilig and Devan Spera claim they were trying to recover property from a burglary from three people. However, police believe they went beyond that by kidnapping all three and brutally assaulting at least one of them.

Police were called to Florence Towers on Tuesday afternoon after someone reported shots had been fired. When they arrived they found casings in the area and a witness who described what had just happened.

The witness reported seeing a man gesture that he had a gun under his sweatshirt and ordered three people into an SUV. The vehicle was then driven away from the scene at Florence Boulevard and Storz Expressway.

Later, one of the three alleged victims told police that several people tried to force their way into a unit at Florence Towers with a gun but they were able to force them out. They called someone to pick them up. The same people confronted them again in the parking lot outside.

One victim reported to police that they were driven south of the housing complex to the area of Florence Boulevard and Ames Street where they said they were questioned about a safe and a Sony PS5 until a stranger came along and told them they were trespassing.

At that point, the victim said he was blindfolded and driven away. Eventually, the three were taken to a basement somewhere, placed in different corners, interrogated about a recent burglary, and then pistol-whipped.

The victim said he was struck six or seven times before he stopped counting. He said the assault continued for another 45-90 minutes.

Eventually, he was taken outside. While still blindfolded, he was told to count to 20 and then run. Believing he was going to be shot once he counted to 20, he ran. He said he kept falling until he was able to see a street sign that read 16th & M.

He said a second victim came running toward him about 10 minutes later. The two waited another half hour for the third victim to come but she never showed up.

Police later found the third victim. She told police what happened.

Police identified the suspects Heilig and Spera. They were transported to Omaha Police headquarters for questioning. The report indicated they confirmed they were at Florence Towers and went to that unit but they said they did not kidnap anyone.

They say everyone went with them willingly.

Heilig claimed he was only bluffing when he gestured that he had a gun.

Police said the two suspects gave conflicting and inaccurate information during the interview and claimed they were only there to recover property from a burglary.

Investigators believe that the two did, in fact, kidnap the victims and assault them to retrieve property.

Heilig, who is named as the person who motioned he had a gun, had his bond set at $3 million during a court appearance Thursday afternoon. He was charged with three counts of kidnapping-voluntarily released alive. Spera, who is named as the driver, was charged with the same crimes. Her bond was set at $1.5 million.

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