Rep. Don Bacon update on Afghanistan, infrastructure, federal spending & more

Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 11:19 AM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Rep. Don Bacon held an online news conference Friday to talk with Nebraska journalists about topics ranging from Afghanistan to federal spending.

The congressman also discussed the National Defense Authorization Act and the national infrastructure bill. Bacon said he fully supported the so-called “hard infrastructure bill,” which would invest in things like roads and public transit, but said he is dead-set against the $3.5 trillion package he referred to as the “social safety net.”

“I have probably been the Republican lead for trying to get support for the hard infrastructure bill,” he said on the Zoom conference. “You know, I’ve probably been the most saying, ‘Hey, this is a good bill. We can support one and oppose the other.’ So, I’ve tried to give some leeway to get other Republicans to get in here and be able to do that.”

6 News asked what the Congressman himself was doing to resolve the budget fight, and he said he would not support the two bills, if brought together, in part because it would increase taxes on things like corporate, small businesses, and capital gains.

Asked about whether he had any input into the state’s redistricting plans, Bacon said he never considered moving if the boundaries of his Congressional district shifted away from his residence in Papillion, noting that his kids and grandkids live within five minutes from that home.

He said he is pleased with the redistricting outcome in Nebraska and that he wouldn’t run if placed in a different district.

Bacon did say Republicans and Democrats from the Unicameral came to him for input as the lines were redrawn, but that the didn’t need to do so.

“So I did say — communicate, at least — my red lines. It’s not that I had to run again. If I was put in Dist. 1, or whatever my home, I would have taken that as it comes. But in the end, all I ask is, ‘Did the Unicameral do the right thing?’ And I look at what comes my way,” he said.

Bacon said his life is not about continuing to run for Congress, noting that he would continue to contribute to his community whether in Congress or doing something else.

Watch Friday’s online news conference

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