Street repair issues spark frustration in southwest Omaha neighborhood

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 5:53 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Construction cones aren’t unusual in the metro area but a certain project in a southwest Omaha neighborhood has homeowners frustrated after weeks of neglect.

Julie Summers left for vacation in early July but she didn’t expect the street repair contractors to take off too.

“Oh that’ll be nice by the time we’re home, we’re gone for a week, it’ll be done. We got back and it was still like that,” said Summers.

Another neighbor, Allie Snyder, is also wondering what happened to the project.

“They did lots of different ones at the same time so they didn’t start it a bunch and they didn’t finish it, and I’m not exactly sure why they would leave it like that,” said Snyder.

6 News was told a panel replacement project in the Springhill subdivision near 160th and Giles streets stopped two months ago.

6 News reports that a sanitary improvement district is paying a contractor about $100,000 for the project. Due to the workmanship and the amount of time the project has taken, the SID’s confidence in the contractor has fractured. One engineer found several panels poured incorrectly, Jackson’s Complete Concrete blames subcontractor Kenny Ingram for what the SID calls “inferior work.”

“I don’t understand the word inferior, because we do the same work every other company does,” said Kenny Ingram.

Ingram blames concrete cracking on traffic being allowed on the panels after three days instead of five or more.

“If you get on it in three days and do this again that means I have to come out a tear it out again,” said Ingram.

The SID engineer says it wouldn’t matter when traffic got on the panels due to the low quality of work, leading the general contractor to pull the sub off the job.

“For us to be pulled off the job for two months and have to wait I can understand the neighbors’ complaints,” said Ingram.

However, the subcontractor was back on Monday starting the removal of nine new panels. The general contractor promises replacement will be done properly and SID taxpayers won’t pay twice. Summers, Snyder, and other neighbors just want the job done once and for all.

“It’ll be nice not having to do a wide berth every time I pull into my garage,” said Summers.

The SID engineer says the general contractor has taken written responsibility to replace all cracked panels at his own cost. The subcontractor hopes to finish the project within two weeks.

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