Students try their hand at Millard Public Schools board

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 10:30 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - With COVID-19 masking not on the agenda, Millard Public Schools Board of Education was still able to listen to public comments on the matter. But the focus turned to the business of operating a school district and, for a night, provided three students with school board experience.

“It was really cool to get first-hand experience what a board meeting was like, especially public comments,” said Millard North senior Ava Hollingsworth. “I’ve listened to a lot of the meetings online so it was cool to actually see the in-person view of it.”

Hollingsworth, Katie Reynolds from Millard West, and Pamela Abalekpor from Millard South were asked to sit alongside board members and provide updates on the school’s activities and accomplishments thus far this year. The school board periodically invites students to provide reports and learn what it takes to sit on the school board, if just for one night.

“After being face to face with them, hearing the conversations of how difficult they were, seeing how much information, you need to process every meeting, it’s most definitely not an easy job,” Abalekpor said.

Each had a few moments to share updates with the public and the board. Reynolds, who was on her way to a school activity after the meeting and thus was not available to interview afterward, spoke about the work being done by student leaders on the upcoming homecoming dance.

Hollingsworth provided a moment of levity when she joked about not being required to wearing a mask to cross country meets this year.

“Not because we couldn’t breathe, but (now) we don’t have to have those terrible matching mask tan lines.”

Abalekpor said students are making the most of being respectful regarding masks and school activities.

“It has been difficult, to say the least in different ways to include unified sports and activities,” Abalekpor said. “But we are taking it day by day to have more inclusion.”

Millard Public Schools posts video copies of their meetings on their website, usually the following day.

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