311 returns to Nebraska for homecoming concert

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 3:33 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Spending three decades in any one job is quite an accomplishment. Even more so when that job is a rock band.

This week, an Omaha institution, 311, returned to Nebraska for a homecoming concert.

“It’s nostalgic,” said Nick Hexum. “It’s nice to have family and friends and hometown here.”

The last time rock band 311 played the Pinewood Bowl in Lincoln, it was called Flood Fest. The outdoor venue had been caught in some serious flooding in 1994.

“I’m really happy this venue is still here,” said Hexum. “Even more happy that we’re still going as a band 31 years later.”

In the tumultuous world of rock bands, 31 years together just doesn’t happen very often.

“It’s an amazing bond to have something survive the trials and tribulations of many decades together. We all keep an attitude of gratitude that we’re lucky to be in this band.”

When you’ve been playing shows for three decades, it’s likely you may outlive the venues. While Pinewood is still here, many are no longer around such as Omaha’s Ranch Bowl.

“Monday, all ages at the Ranch Bowl,” recalled Hexum. “That was the best. $5 to get in and it would be packed. Probably way past capacity. It was a special time when we felt this new excitement and momentum going.”

Coming home always feels good.

“It takes us back to the old days to see how much has changed,” said Hexum. “I always go back to the old neighborhood and walk around.”

It brings back memories of playing Sharkfest right after 311′s RV burned down in 1993. Or the first show opening for Fugazi at Sokol Auditorium in June 1990.

After decades of shows, millions of records sold, who knows how many times they’ve played their hits. Doesn’t it get old?

“It never gets boring to me because I can see that song means so much to people when we play it,” said Hexum. “That’s plenty for me.”

311′s late summer tour includes a haunted trip to play at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado on October 31. It’s where the movie The Shining was shot.

“We’re always grateful for the opportunity to keep moving forward,” said Hexum.

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