Omaha Hockey Club pays tribute to fallen marine, Cpl. Daegan Page

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Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 10:24 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Omaha’s hockey community is paying tribute to Cpl. Daegan Page by placing hockey sticks on their porches in his memory.

“He’ll always be in my memory,” said Sam Ivaskevicius, who played for Westside alongside Cpl. Page, proud to talk about their championship season. “Without him, I don’t even think we would have won state.”

His former teammates described Cpl. Page as a go-to person on and off the ice.

“I’ve never heard a bad word out of his mouth. Or bagging on someone else. He’s always a good guy,” said Sam, whose dad coached the team.

“He always did bring light to the locker room,” said Tony Ivaskevicius, remember his former player as one with a ton of tenacity. “He’s a hard worker and whatever he dedicated himself to he gave 100%.”

A quality fitting for a Marine noted Ivaskevicius.“It’s heartbreaking you know. Same age as my boys and him dedicating his life for our freedom and our country. I just feel bad such a young life being lost at that age.”

“He was just the definition of the member of a team or part of a unit. He was the best,” said Cameron Hickey, who was team captain senior year.

Hickey described a scrappy group of freshman turned champions, by their senior year.

“Going through that whole process with Daegan his attitude and the way he presented himself on the ice never changed accept. He put in the same amount of effort no matter good or bad things were looking,” said Hickey, now grappling with what could have been.

“The unrealized potential is crushing it really is. He was amazing as long as I knew him and to know at least on earth he won’t be able to do that anymore it’s just tragic,” said Hickey.

“That senior year I’ll never forget it. Like I said without him, without Daegan,” said Sam Ivaskevicius, pausing for a breath. “It almost brings me to tears.”

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