Huskers Head Coach Scott Frost trusts Cam Taylor-Britt after the second turnover in two games

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Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 8:55 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - It’s been hard to watch. Cam Taylor-Britt is a captain who decided to come back instead of likely being drafted, struggling to make the right plays returning punts. To recap, Cam tried to field a ball very close to the endzone against Illinois. That turned into a safety. This past week Fordham recovered a loose ball that bounced off Taylor-Britt’s helmet.

Two games, two big mistakes.

That’s this year. The problem is becoming a trend, this goes back to last season in Iowa City where Cam muffed a fourth-quarter punt in a three-point game. That’s three problems in the last six games.

It’s always a big win for the defense to force a punt, and equally deflating to give the ball back to the offense 40 yards down the field. Not only a turnover, but the yardage has a big impact too.

It leads to a fascinating decision for Scott Frost because Cam is a leader and a very established player.

“We’ve got to make good decisions back there. I’m not the type of coach that’s going to fire someone from a role if they make a mistake but the mistakes have to quit. The one on Saturday was a little tough. If that’s a bounce in the open field we want him to field it. That was probably not the right time to try to do that but Cam gives us the best opportunity for a big play back there too. We will make that decision as we go forward but I trust Cam,” said Frost.

Oliver Martin was not available last week, the depth chart lists him and Taylor-Britt as punt returners.

That was one of the biggest problems in the 45 point win. The offensive line, that remember is young has work to do too. Despite connecting on 17 of 23 passes Adrian Martinez did throw several balls of his back foot.

“I thought we made a big step from week one to week two. There is still room for improvement but definitely thought they played a better game,” said Frost.

The team did improve in several areas.

The running backs ran for 229 yards compared to 54 at Illinois. Adrian was far more accurate completing 73% compared to 50%. Samori Toure ran great routes, he was wide open on several catches. Toure also caught balls in traffic which shows the trust he is building with his quarterback.

The defense has now held a sixth consecutive opponent to less than 400 yards.

Place Kicker Connor Culp was eight for eight, which included seven extra points and one field goal.

Plus Punter Daniel Cherni had a better average punting the ball against Fordham after a shaky start at Ilinois. He averaged 40 yards per punt Saturday compared to 34.4 in the opener.

Saturday’s game against Buffalo is a 2:30 p.m. kickoff, the Huskers are favored by 13.5 points. The Bulls scored 69 points last week against Wagner.

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