Home security camera may solve repeat car break-ins in Omaha neighborhood

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 10:45 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A car break-in can be costly in damage and stolen valuables, not to mention sleepless nights. So many homeowners are investing in security camera systems.

An unwelcomed stranger triggered the motion sensor covering Ellis Perdue’s west Omaha driveway.

“So we came out a couple of minutes late, about two minutes after the group had left,” said Perdue.

A thief had been rifling through his glove box and center console.

“It’s unsettling, you know, you have your special space that’s private to you and someone else you don’t even know is in it,” said Perdue.

That’s why the Perdue family added a security camera to their home. The investment in the security camera system paid off when in less than a week, a break in the second vehicle in the driveway was caught on camera with the thieves.

About 1 a.m. on a Tuesday, a suspect searches for valuables but is spooked by an approaching car and hides while it passes. But the video shows an accomplice in a getaway vehicle who you can hear is worried about getting caught.

Matt Schott with Complete Security and Investigations is selling more high-quality home security systems with cameras.

“And the new technology today sees really well in low light situations. Gives a very good picture on playback to identify people and vehicles,” said Schott.

The kind of evidence that can help in finding suspects.

“I was glad I had something to give to the investigators from the Sheriff’s office instead of just telling them that my truck was broken into, and I had no idea who did it,” said Perdue.

Quality video could lead to a tip that will give sheriff’s investigators a good idea who the suspect is or the lookout driving nearby.

”You want your property protected so we do take it serious. But I do tell the public there’s one thing you can do right before you go to bed. That’s called beep before you sleep,” said Chief Deputy Wayne Hudson.

For Ellis Perdue, that’s a rhyme with a reason. Douglas County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Wayne Hudson says if you catch someone going through your vehicle, don’t confront them.

Call 911 and be a good witness by providing a detailed description of the suspect and any vehicle associated with them. Responding deputies will ask you and your neighbors for security camera video.

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