Omaha-metro nonprofit and recycle center team up for electronic drop-off

Published: Aug. 28, 2021 at 3:51 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A steady stream of cars rolled through the parking lot at Dingman’s Collison Center near 144th and Industrial Road Saturday morning.

The contents, unused electronics, laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, and more were turned over to Nebraska Recycles and the Open Door Mission. Nearly 10,000 pounds of old equipment that won’t end up in the local landfills were collected in four hours.

“We demanufacture everything, break it back down and then companies use all the components to build new stuff from it. The metal gets recycled, the wires get recycled, plastic gets recycled. Even our cardboard is reused, we shred it into packaging material,” said Jack Doerr.

Along with dropping off old electronics were a lot of cash donations to the Open Door Mission.

Terry Randall was one of those donors. He says the Open Door Mission helped him several years ago and he hasn’t forgotten how it changed his life.

“Kind of let me know that maybe this is the way that you can end up and you need to change. And I changed. And I credit Open Door Mission for this also God who changed my heart because we can’t change it on our own.”

“It’s obviously really important because you’re serving two purposes, right here. You’re keeping stuff out where it doesn’t belong and you’re giving back,” said Stan Meier.

“The Lord has given me a lot and giving something back to other human beings or society is my duty and responsibility,” said Subhash Bhatia.

Jack Doerr is with Nebraska Recycles. He says the hard drives are destroyed in these devices.

“Everybody hears about all the data, security stuff going on its just not a good thing to throw it in the landfill. Who knows who is rummaging through trash and stuff, you see the guys that kind of go through the trash and pick out metal and stuff like that so they just don’t want to leave anything with personal family stuff on it.”

This duo purpose event not only cleared unused clutter from donors’ homes but it kept valuable information safe and hazardous materials from reaching the landfill.

The event also brought in about $2,000 for the Open Door Mission.

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