Crews try to conserve bees at a West Omaha home

In West Omaha, a home on Dorcas street has some unwanted tenants living in their home
Published: Aug. 14, 2021 at 7:18 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - In West Omaha, a home on Dorcas Street has some unwanted tenants living in their home.

“His girlfriend had bees in the wall and didn’t know exactly what was going on so he gave me a call,” said Mike Dyer.

But instead of trying to get rid of the bees for good, they’re using a different method.

“A live bee removal. Trying to keep bees alive rather than having them exterminated,” said Tony Sandoval.

Because bees serve an important role.

“You hate to destroy them. Because they do so much for the environment and there’s always somebody out there that can help,” said Dyer.

They start with calming the colony with a bee smoker and then start carefully tearing down some siding from the house.

So far, the bees have stayed calm.

“As I watch these bees, their behavior has been excellent. It shows really good genetics, they’re very calm,” said Sandoval.

This group of people has a mix of experiences. Tony has been a beekeeper for more than a decade.

Father and daughter Mike and Danielle Dyer are doing this for the first time.

“I’ve never actually helped remove bees, but I do keep bees. Danielle and I keep bees and have a couple of beehives at our house,” said Dyer.

It’s a good way for them to learn about bee removal and have some father-daughter time.

“My sisters got to do some of the activities with him so I missed out on it. And um now, that he started it up again, it’s great we got to do it together and experience it with each other,” said Danielle Dyer.

But the bees were discovered to be more than just underneath the wood. They may also be inside the house.

This will be a multi-day project.

“When we’re trying to out-think the bees, we aren’t sometimes as smart as a colony and the experience will show we’re not always as smart as bees.”

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