CDC eviction moratorium extended: what it means for renters in Nebraska

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Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 10:51 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - An extension of the CDC’s eviction moratorium is giving renters hit hard by the pandemic until October 31 to tap billions of dollars in COVID-19 rental assistance still available nationwide, including tens of millions in Nebraska.

“It does give individuals and property owners a couple of more months to make sure they apply for assistance. It allows agencies that are administering that assistance to process applications, get checks issued,” said Randy McCoy, Executive Director of MACCH, the non-profit helping the City of Omaha distribute millions of dollars in federal assistance.

“There is a lot of documentation that’s required for the program both for the property owner and the tenant,” said McCoy, noting renters and landlords should look at the MACCH website before applying, so they know what they need.

For renters it’s everything from paystubs to lease agreements. Landlords also have information to hand over.

“Making sure that you have that documentation gathered before you start the application will speed it up greatly,” said McCoy.

For those struggling to print or upload documents McCoy suggests going to any one of Omaha’s public libraries, where forms and drop-boxes are available.

“You put your information in an envelope, seal it, we get it open it up, scan it, and upload it to individuals files,” said McCoy.

There are also a handful other non-profits helping people access the money.

“It’s there, but there’s a process and the process can be slow,” said Amy Holmes, COO, Heart Ministry Center, noting the process is starting to get faster.

“We do need to follow their application procedure and MACCH has actually been a quick turn around so it’s working well.”

But it can still take several weeks for the money to move and for those worried about eviction. Legal Aid of Nebraska advises renters make sure to sign the CDC’s declaration and hand it to their landlord in order to be protected, as well as show up in court with a copy of the declaration.

“If you’re under any serious concerns or threat of eviction you really should be consulting with an attorney if you have any questions we can answer those for you,” said Scott Mertz, with Legal Aid of Nebraska.

Renters and property owners living in Douglas County are not eligible to apply for assistance through the state. Both the City of Omaha and Douglas County have funds to distribute to those living in the city or county. Still, an informative place to start for those in need is the MACCH website, or call 211.

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